ACCOMPLICE is a regional creative producing company that is committed to creating and delivering high quality projects and initiatives that are distinct to the Top End of Australia, while connected nationally and internationally.

ACCOMPLICE works in partnership with artists, producers, organisation and community to create space and time for the sharing of culture. It is committed to a program that reflects the diversity and depth of multiculturalism in the Northern Territory.

A contemporary curated multidisciplinary program with long-term initiatives drives ACCOMPLICE.

Connecting Northern Australia
Draw influence, energy and identity from its regional location, providing space and time for community to cultivate cultural connections.

Community Capacity Building
Cultivate a depth and breadth of cultural experience for the diverse communities of Darwin to engage with.

Development of Contemporary Art
Provide access for professional artists to develop, produce and present work within a regional Northern Territory context.

Cross Cultural Collaboration
Build on cultural, geographic and social ties with South East Asia practitioners, organisations and networks sustaining long term relationships.