ACCOMPLICE works with communities specifically in community arts and youth work with councils, not for profit organisations, art festivals and events. With specific in depth knowledge and experience in:

  • organisations capacity building
  • events planning
  • strategy writing and research
  • strategic planning 
  • emerging artist development
  • experimental art practice
  • site specific and pop up work
  • youth run events
  • community cultural development

Consultation by Plan C   Image by Gerwyn Davies

Consultation by Plan C

Image by Gerwyn Davies

Community Engaged Town Planning

Plan C is a specialist community engagement, social and urban planning consultancy. I am contracted to work with them on various projects specifically linked with young people and arts. Projects include:

  • Gold Coast City Council Graffiti Management Project
  • North Lakes Art Space Strategy
  • Hamilton Art Shed Strategy

 Plan C Website

LAUNCH: A celebration of youth culture in Darwin

From late 2012 I was employed to develop a program for young people in Darwin in partnership with local young people, stakeholders and the community. From this consultation LAUNCH was born.

LAUNCH is a celebration of youth culture in Darwin with a program of arts, cultural and recreational activities for young people by young people. It showcases the talents and interests of young people in Darwin and aims to provide significant opportunities for young people to develop and present their ideas through a variety of activities and forums. Programs include

  • 4 day Youth Arts Festival - LAUNCH - as part of National Youth Week
  • Event Coordinators Training programs in Event Management and Technical skills
  • LAUNCH Pop - up Gigs curated by young emerging curators and producers  
  • LAUNCH @ Bagot music room and events program
  • LAUNCH Quarterly -  a program of activities for young people in Darwin

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LAUNCH @ Bagot poster

LAUNCH @ Bagot poster

Art Bites - Silversmithing with Dan Cox

Art Bites - Silversmithing with Dan Cox

Art Bites  - Free Arts Workshop for Brisbane Residents

In 2010 I was contracted by Brisbane City Council to create a program of free arts workshops designed for all Brisbane residents to explore and discover their creative abilities. This project was called Art Bites and is now an annual event in the community calendar. These experiences are designed for beginners to taste test a range of arts and cultural activities. Also providing an opportunity for residences to find out more about Brisbane’s diverse arts and cultural community. I created and delivered this program again in 2011.