Cypher by Nick Power

A Cypher is hip hop’s most important ritual, a circle where style, rivalry and community exist and evolve.  Four battle hardened b*boys push the boundaries of their artform using it’s movement, gestures and energy to challenge, communicate and celebrate the culture of hip hop.  Backed by an original sound track that shifts between sound design, booming hip hop beats and a pumping party atmosphere. This performance invites you to step to the edge of the circle and witness the raw energy and culture that exists within it.  

Previous presentations had simultaneous community and audience engagement programs including workshops presented at schools, youth organisation and local dance companies and artists talks with local artists. At Darwin Festival a Block Party was programmed following the Saturday night show which attracted over 500 people who engaged with a curated program of performances by both Cypher and local b*boys. There are also opportunities for local hip hop dancers to perform during the work through an invitation the dancers provide during the piece, blurring the lines between performer and audience.

Choreographer: Nick Power
Artistic Consultant: Lee Wilson
Lighting Designer: Mirabelle Wouters
Sound Design: Jack Prest
Dancers: Youngkwang Joung, Shinokubo Hideo, Don Napalan, Stephen Gow
Choreographic Consultant: Anne Nguyen

Presented as part of Dance Satellite curated and produced by Britt Guy, an initiative supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, Junction Arts Festival and Darwin Festival.

The development of Cypher was supported by Stalker Theatre Inc.