Dance Satellite - Contemporary dance in the regions

Dance Satellite was a three year project (2014 - 16) with a consortium of regional arts organisations that curated a program of high quality contemporary dance projects that engaged regional audiences and local dance communities in the process and development of the work. Work included:

Regional partners included Darwin Festival, Junction Arts Festival, Katherine Regional Arts, Barkly Regional Arts, Red Hot Arts and Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre.

Dance Satellite curatorially invested in projects that:

  • Facilitate dialogue, sharing of experiences and outcomes for regional and remote partners, building capacity for collaborative touring and future development opportunities;
  • Engage in high quality concepts that resonate in a regional, national and international, artistic conversations;
  •  Push the framework of community engaged contemporary dance process;
  • Focus on providing varied exposure into the process of making;
  • Commit to shared authorships and the role of the audience and their experience. 

Dance Satellite was an important program for contemporary dance in Australia as it allowed choreographers and dancers the opportunity to:

  • Engage in a broader dialogue about their work
  • Develop collaborations between new artists
  •  Increase the profile of contemporary dance practice
  • Build upon the life and breadth of the work

Dance Satellite is an important program for regional audiences and dance communities as it provides them with the opportunity to:

  • Engage and work with internationally and nationally recognised artists
  • Attend high quality contemporary dance works
  •  Explore new artistic ideas in a regionally focused framework
  •  Decrease regional dance communities’ sense of isolation from development and support

Image of The Stance by Liesel Zink by FenLan Photography.

Image of The Stance by Liesel Zink by FenLan Photography.