Mermaid Weaving Masterclass with Aly de Groot

Mermaid Weaving Masterclass with Aly de Groot


Sat 15 September 2018 | 1pm - 5pm

Sometimes mermaids put on their dancing legs to venture ashore and share with family and friends their tragic tale of sea-life in the plastic age. Join part-time mermaid, full-time fibre artist, Aly, to creatively tackle the environmental menace of marine debris such as ghost nets and fishing line. Bring your own doll to revamp and refashion into your very own sea siren. Participants will make their own mermaid using a second hand barbie doll and transforming her legs into a tale by weaving fishing line and ghost net around them.

You can bring your own doll or one will be provided.

Drinks at end of workshop included.

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'Aly takes the traditions of basket making and weaving then drags them kicking and screaming into strange new places'
Art Nation, ABC TV, March, 2011