Holly Macdonald work in progress

Friday 21st July, 5 - 7pm

Join us to share in a work-in-progress showing of ACCOMPLICE's July resident, ceramic artist Holly Macdonald. While in Darwin she will spend her time drawing, painting and making in response to the tropics. This showing will feature ideas, concepts and imagery rather than completed works, giving you an insight into how Holly creates.

Holly uses the ancient ceramic technique of handbuilding to create her wonderfully wonky, organic forms. Her smaller forms are made using a pinch pot technique, whilst larger vessels are built using the coil method. What really gives Holly’s vessels their distinctive look, though, are the delicate handpainted motifs she embellishes each with.

Having grown up between the country and the city, Holly feels a strong connection to the country, and credits an understanding of ‘the natural systems that govern the land’ as a major influence in her work.

WORKSHOP: Learn more about how Holly makes her beautiful ceramics in her two-day workshop on 22 & 23 July. Read more about Finding Form Through Ceramics here.