Rhiannon Newton

Rhiannon Newton

Rhiannon is an Australian dancer and choreographer. She has worked as a dancer in Europe, Israel and Australia for Jan Fabre, Odelya Kuperberg, Ruby Elderman, Chrissie Parrott, Jo Pollitt, and Alexandra Harrison.

Rhiannon has created choreographies for the Unkempt Dance Collective, The West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and the Asia Pacific World Dance Alliance Festival. She has recently undertaken a two-month research residency at Movement Research, New York.

Rhiannon has presented her solo work “The Check Point Solo” at Under The Radar Brisbane Festival, Lucy Guerin Inc. and The Judson Church, New York. Rhiannon holds a Bachelor of Arts Honors in Dance from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (2004-2007).

Rhiannon’s practice is grounded in rigorous choreographic investigation, improvisation, and deep physical research and training. She works to dislocate the body from identity and foreground action - space relations.

Rhiannon is currently developing “Bodied Assemblies / Assemblies for One Body” through the support of Movement Research (New York), The Australia Council for the Arts, The Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts (Perth), Strut Dance and Critical Path (Sydney). Since 2011 Rhiannon has sustained an interdisciplinary research practice with visual artist Benjamin Forster.

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