Slovenia - Croatia - Australia Artist Exchange 2014 - 15

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An annual six-week transitory cultural and artistic residency for four experimental dance artists from Slovenia, Croatia, and Australia, that invests in:

  • Nourishing artists cultural and intellectual
  • Providing an opportunity to reflect and flesh out future project outcomes
  • Developing independent international relationships
  • Engaging local artistic communities in new international artistic conversations and experiences

Four artists are selected each year and spend two weeks in each country participating in a diverse program of activities created by local hosts. One artist is selected from Slovenia and Croatia and two artists from Australia, one from Qld and one from the state of regional host - Darwin in 2014, Launceston in 2015.

2015 - August - September - October

2015 Artists:

  • Liesel Zink (Qld - Australia)
  • Kelly Drummond Cawthon (Tas - Australia)
  • Ina Sladić (Croatia)
  •  Lili M. Rampre (Slovenia)

31st August - 6th September - Launceston
7th - 13th September - Brisbane
14th - 16th September - Melbourne
18th - 25th of October - Maribor, Slovenia
26th October - 1st of November - Zagreb, Croatia

Presented as part of Dance Satellite curated and produced by Britt Guy, an initiative supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, Junction Arts Festival and Darwin Festival. In partnership with Metro Arts.