Sweat collective


Sweat Season carves out space for the creation of enmeshed experiences specific to the local place, environment and people of Garrmalang/Darwin


In Honduras there is a celebration that marks the day every year when the sky rains fish. In Phnom Phenn the city sprays itself in water as the river annually changes direction. In Darwin a city slows impossibly down as the crime rate rises, the white tourists flee, and jackfruit and mango start fermenting as the ocean turns venomous. 

Sweat Season is a new annual celebration of an ancient shift, the Build Up; three months of sweaty, tense, revelatory weather culminating in the Wet Season, three months of downpours. 14 Darwin artists, utilising and investigating new ways of being and creating alongside each other in the environmental, cultural, and community melting pot of Darwin, will create new participatory, experimental, durational, cross artform and site specific works that celebrate and interrogate the rituals of the Build Up - new, old, and impossible. 

Sweat collective artists

  • Matthew Van Roden

  • James Mangohig

  • Gary Lang

  • Jenelle Saunders

  • Shaun Lee

  • Tamara Howie

  • Haneen Martin

  • Tarzan Mcdonald

  • Ciella Williams

  • Alicia Scobie

  • Jessica Deveraux

  • Tarzan Mcdonald

  • Ciella Williams

  • Alicia Scobie

  • Jessica Deveraux 

  • Amina McConvell

  • Lee Harrop

  • Kelly Beneforti

Sweat Season celebrates multiplicity of our city.

Diverse intersectional practices that span multiple artforms.

The space between artistic expression and multicultural celebrations.