… doesn’t just push boundaries, it annihilates them
— (The Creative Issue)

Terror Australis

By Leah Shelton

Terror Australis is a grindhouse cabaret edgier than a serial killer's machete. Performed by psycho-siren Leah Shelton (Polytoxic, The Brides of Frank), this f**ked-up outback Contiki tour is a frothing hot mess of black comedy, anti-burlesque and Hills-Hoist-pole-dance.

Trapped inside a sweltering pulp film mash-up, Shelton trawls through the roadkill of the Australian national identity to reveal a litany of brutality and paranoia, drenched in sweat and beer.

Come Down Under to a sunburnt country where cars rule, hitchhiking kills and dingoes eat babies.

Creator / Performer: Leah Shelton
Assistant Direction: Daniel Evans
Dramaturgy: Saffron Benner
Sound Design: Kenneth Lyons
Video Design: optikal bloc
Original Lighting Design: Jason Glenwright
Production Manager: Justin Marshman

Part of Darwin Fringe Festival 2017