Tiny City Rockers: Tiny Toones and D*City Rockers Collaboration

A reciprocal artistic and social development exchange program using the artistic language of B*boy beats and breaks, that focuses on:

  • Facilitating and deepening important social, cultural and creative conversations with community cultural development artists cross culturally.
  • Engaging in research and discussions to create sustainable models of exchange for community cultural development artists and their work.
  • Listening, learning, and working with young people from diverse geographically location and cultural understandings to support, develop and share their stories with their international peers.
  • Sharing and showcasing of B*boy beats and breaks culture.

Exchange Artists and Collaborators

  • Tiny Toones (Phnom Penh - Cambodia)
  • Nick Power (Australia) 
  • D*City Rockers (Darwin – Australia) 
  • Young People from 5 – 25 years (Phnom Penh and Darwin)


  • Third stage development and rehearsal of Dual ប្រភេទ by Nick Power with Erak Mith (Phnom Penh - Tiny Toones) and Aaron Lim (Darwin - D*City Rockers) in Darwin 
  • Week intensive dance program for young men in Darwin with Tracks Dance Company
  • Premiere of  Dual ប្រភេទ in Melbourne


  • Second stage development of Dual ប្រភេទ in Phnom Penh
  • Week intensive dance program for young men in Phnom Penh with Tiny Toones
  • Leadership program in Phnom Penh for Tiny Toones, ACCOMPLICE, URB Festival and Darwin Festival


  • Two week residency for Nick Power and D*City Rockers with Tiny Toones in Cambodia working with Phnom Penh young people.
  • First stage development of Dual ប្រភេទ in Darwin


  • 5 month residency exchange between Producer Britt Guy and Tiny Toones General Manager Chhoeung Shhort Reuth in Cambodia
  • Program of workshops and skill sharing with Tiny Toones crew, D*City Rockers and Nick Power in Darwin as part of Darwin Festival
  • Program of workshops for Darwin young people with Tiny Toones crew, D*City Rockers and Nick Power