Tropical Kitchen

by Jamie Lewis

A program of dinners, workshops and audio tours created throughout 2017 in order to explore the rich tapestry of Darwin locals histories and their love of food. Aiming to create new relationships, seed new ideas and provide a reminder of our capacity and strength as individuals when we work together. Facilitated by Singaporean artist Jamie Lewis

In 2017 this program engaged the home cook, the foodie or the story aficionado, this hands-on program took participants on a journey through tropical flavours. Drawing on eclectic Asian styles, spicy sambal condiments, local fresh seafood and unknown Asian vegetables we find at the markets! 

Tropical Kitchen as a yearly component of ACCOMPLICE program acts as a way to continue to build and connect with the community, undertake informal consultation in order to respond to needs and to provide ways to highlight the communities identity, strengths and delicious food.  It also looks to NT tourism in the dry as a way to support the funding of projects utilising our exciting diverse culture as a magnet for ticket sales. 

In 2017 an audio tour - 婆婆 (Por-Por) and me was created and available for hire for anyone visiting the Parap markets in Darwin, Northern Territory.