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Unpeeling Perceptions: Adoption Research Residency

by Weniki Hensch

Work in Progress Opening - March 8th 2018 5:30pm
Artist Talk - March 10th 2018 2pm

Weniki Hensch is our Feb/March Artist in Residence at ACCOMPLICE. Weniki will undertake a two week development and one week exhibition exploring adoption.    

The story of adoption is a personal journey. One, which can take many years to unfold and many more to be told; as perceptions change with age, with time, with circumstance.

 Weniki Hensch was adopted, virtually at birth, from one culture into another. Though she physically left her birth place and home of her ancestors, spiritually it remained with her.

During this residency at ACCOMPLICE Weniki will reflect on her journey and explore her various paths and points of connection through being adopted, a birth mother and a Papua New Guinean woman.

Friend and fellow artist Lisa Waup will be joining Weniki in week 2 as part of the residency. Lisa and Weniki met in Darwin in 2016 and felt an immediate connection through each other’s work and adoption stories. These will be explored in the middle part of the residency, through conversations and the creation of new works.

The exhibition will share the development of the stories, incorporating paper, tapa bark cloth, mirrors and perspex to translate the woman’s dialogue.       

Members of the public who are interested in sharing their own adoption story or connection to adoption are invited to book a appointment with Weniki to have a cup of tea and a conversation. Weniki is looking for stories that explore the full scope of adoption, aiming to provide her with layers of stories and diverse experiences to add to her installation work. Please fill out the form on this page including your availability the week of the 12th of March 2017.

All disclosed information will be treated respectfully and/or can be noted as anonymous if requested.