Sweat Season


The Build Up is a sultry, sweaty time of year kicking in when the humidity rises, with mangoes falling on every street corner as people start to lose focus and go a little bit loco. It is a ritual of pool parties, air-conditioned dinners and a feeling of relaxation as the pace of the dry season subsides and Garrmalang/Darwin becomes “uninhabitable” by those who don’t call it their permanent fixed address. When that rain hits we step out to do a rain dance, drawing the cool seasonal change into our warm sweaty bodies. 

This time of year deserves to be celebrated in a uniquely Garrmalang/Darwin way. We are curating a new annual celebration called Sweat Season that lets us honour the fusing of Larrakia people’s stories, our multicultural traditions, and the extraordinary environment rolled up with cathartic revelries.

Sweat Season is committed to:

  • Multiplicity of narrative, experience and collaborations.

  • Heightened experiences of everyday rituals.

  • The space between artistic expression and multicultural celebrations.

  • Responding to the environment and weather through pace, sensations

Sweat Season challenges traditional notions of art making, carving out space for:

  • The creation of enmeshed experiences specific to the local place and people of Larrakia/Darwin

  • Reflection of pace and ability to respond to environment 

  • New trans disciplinary and transcultural ideas and visions

  • Design of unique methodologies for making

  • Partnerships across communities

Sweat Season in 2019 will work with locals artists to create the following:

On Saturday November 30 we will invite Darwin audiences to travel with us as we celebrate the rituals we follow in a Build Up day: 

A swim: with a welcome, movement, and underwater music 
A Market: where your cutlery reads you a poem 
A Garden: with a planting ritual
A cold drink: with a surprising story at the pub
A Nap: in a place full of strangers 
A Promenade: a solitary evening walk, together 
A Backyard party: where the humidity finally gets to us