Tropical Kitchen

Throughout Fringe, Hills Hoist Studio turns into an exploration of Top End food. We will launch our new bar and we will have the Tropical Kitchen open out the back to enjoy tasty local inspired eats! The program is bursting with stories, conversations, laughs and lots of opportunities to enjoy good food in our backyard. Come join us!


Plant Based Native - Lia Pa’apa’a - in residency

Food served Wed 4th - Sun 8th July 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Lia Pa’apa’a (Samoan/ Mexican/ Native American) will create a menu that explores her ancestral foods, food technologies and ceremonies  of her pan-Pacific heritage and includes foods of the tropics of her mother’s island home and the desert of Southern California where her Luiseño ancestors are from.

Lia’s practice explores her cultural connections, learnings and nourishment as a Woman of Colour and mother living as diaspora in Australia. Lia’s cooking, hosting and sharing in deeply rooted in her desire to provide everyday solutions that support the wellbeing of her people.  Lia is interested in the process of decolonizing her body through diet and exploring intersectional activism that creates spaces of Food Justice and activism.


 #noburnnotaste - Sam Chablani - in residency

Food served Wed 11th - Sun 15th July 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Chef Sam -- an outspoken, gregarious, tattooed livewire -- is the BBQ dude, blasting kickass flavours into meats, fish, and vegetables seasoned with Asian spices and chillis. He cooks by fire over charcoal; his portions #Pigout; his motto #SpiceisNaise; his war cry #NoBurnNoTaste.

Chef Sam’s interest in cooking piqued as a child, fascinated by the top hats chefs would wear. Yet he didn’t take it in to serious consideration as a profession until his first foray into the craft – frying chicken nuggets for his friends in secondary school. This kicked off his love for food as a way to bring people together as a space together, create community and eat some epic Sinagpore BBQ.

Cups of Nun Chai by Alana Hunt

Friday July 6th 10am – 8pm

Cups of nun chai (2010-2018) is an award-winning participatory memorial produced by artist Alana Hunt that emerged in response to the death of over 118 civilians during pro-freedom protests in Kashmir throughout the Summer of 2010. The work is an exploration of how we encounter, respond to and remember political violence. It took shape through two years of tea and conversation with 118 people in Australia and South Asia, and circulated as a newspaper serial in Kashmir over eleven months from June 2016-April 2017, reaching tens of thousands of people on a weekly basis. Through personal conversation and public media intervention Cups of nun chai engages with some of the most challenging areas of contemporary life including the failures of democracy, state violence, armed struggle, the inherent fragility of the nation state, the power of the media and the idea of freedom. 

At Darwin Fringe Festival, Alana will conduct an epic 10 hour durational reading of every single 118 cups of nun chai supported by local readers, followed by an open discussion with the public.

We are looking for members of the public to take part in this reading. To sign up email with your name, phone number and two preferred half an hour slots either starting on the hour or half hour.

Camp Oven Cooked Books with Aly de Groot

Sat 7th July 1pm - 5pm

Take a rusty pot, add a handful of leaves with a sprinkle of chance and what do you get?.... Magic! Learn how to harvest and use materials found in your garden to plant dye paper and fabric for a bespoke book . Bring an old piece of natural fibre clothing or fabric, like cotton, silk or linen. Participants will make a plant dyed book and a series of samples from several food and native plant dyes.


wild remembering by Rachael Wellisch and Emma Gardner

Sunday July 8th 2pm - 3
By donation

Brisbane based Visual Artists Rachael Wellisch and Emma Gardner present an exciting, new and experimental installation, performance artwork, Wild Remembering. The artists conjure the contemporary witch archetype through performative rituals within an imagined landscape of recycled, indigo dyed, textiles, underpinned by strongly held beliefs in support of social equality and concerns for the environment. The work references the notion of vast knowledge once shared through oral stories and close connections to nature, drawing on alchemy as a holistic practice that considers how everything is connected. The artists will be performing the work once only for Darwin audiences ahead of a tour that sees them exhibiting in Vienna, Austria and Brisbane, Australia.


Science at Sunset: In the hands of women

Sunday July 8th 4:30pm - 6pm

Join Greening Australia, Darwin’s Burmese horticulturists and Plant Based Native's Lia Pa'apa'a in conversation about the importance of women looking after the earth and the food we eat. Facilitated by anthropologist Jill Pope we will unpack the role of feminism in food creation and the process of decolonising what we eat. Plant Based Native will also take over our Tropical Kitchen whipping up a nourishing feed for both body and soul.


Wank Bank Masterclasses

Wed 11th - Fri 13th July 8pm – 9pm
Adults $28 Concession $22 Group $22.

The Australian artist who created an art book from his happy ending massages in New York City, brings you an informative, interactive and playful masterclass of original techniques to perfect the art of handling your partner’s member (or even your own). Enjoy waves of adolescent laughter and be prepared to end up in a hilarious circle jerk with carrots and cucumbers.

Nominated Best Production Green Room Awards 2018
Winner of Best interactive Show Adelaide Fringe 2017
Winner of Most Provocative Show Stockholm Fringe 2017
“a natural performer, charming and very funny.” The Guardian
“stimulating and possibly life-changing show.” ★★★★★ Broadway Baby

Cyclone survival food: Delicious dinners from the debris with Em Lupin

Sun 15th July 9am - 2:30pm

Forget about baked beans in your cyclone kit, this workshop embraces the secret garden guide to survival. Encouraging you to think creatively about edibles in the event of a cyclone (or other natural disaster). Workshop include how to grow your own survival kit, (planting living food that won’t blow away); tips on how and where to forage for wild food; how to cook “windfall” using fruits and plants parts that may crash down before ripening, the art of fridge diving and even a spot of cane toad cookery. Em, of Taste of The Top End is a tropical plant specialist, and local food enthusiast with a passion for sustainable living and community connection.


Science at Sunset: Catch, Cook and Experiment with sustainable seafood

Sunday July 15th 4:30pm - 6pm

Join fishing enthusiasts, environmental advocates and chef in residence Sam Chablani to talk about
how to catch, cook and experiment with our local marine harvests. Facilitated by anthropologist Jill
Pope we will look at the seafood industry in the Top End, the best ways to embrace the seasons from your boat and BBQ and how to enhance local tastes. Sam Chablani will also be BBQing up a storm so you can enjoy a feed with your conversation.