Home Brewing with Semi Pro Brewing Co - Oct 28th 10am - 4pm

Home Brewing with Semi Pro Brewing Co - Oct 28th 10am - 4pm


Semi-Pro Brewing Co's Mick in a one day workshop to learn the basic of brewing plus some of the company's tips and tricks. The workshop will focus on brewing fundamentals where all participants will make a Tropical Pale Ale using a combination of extract and grain to enjoy through the wet. All participants will go away with 20L of wort to ferment out at home plus a full instruction manual so you can replicate the workshop at home. 

You will need to cool your wort post workshops in a fridge and then be able to keep it at 18c frigate while it ferments; perfect use for the Darwin beer fridge! We can lend you a fermenter if needed.

INCLUDES a home cooked feast and drinks in the courtyard at the end of the day.

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Around 2014, three Brisbane guys obsessed by wort and hops and mashing in and IBUs found each other and started brewing together in each others’ backyards whenever they could. And people loved what they made. They started gypsy brewing more seriously to keep the amber ale flowing.

And people kept asking for their beer. They were embraced into the sodden, hairy bosom of the Brisbane craft beer community. When Mick’s wife popped out a baby and he became a stay at home dad for a year, the opportunity to make Semi-Pro ‘more pro’ presented itself.

Semi-Pro is all about medium and low alcohol, approachable and seasonal beers, perfect for balmy SEQ. They also make a speciality brew for tropical ACCOMPLICE. We brew with only the best quality, sustainably sourced ingredients and ecologically aware processes.

Workshop are fully refundable up until 7 full days prior to workshop, after this materials are ordered and work undertaken, so refunds are unable to be processed.