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Finding North Transitory Residency - Off the Leash
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Holly reflected on her Residency in Off the Leash magazine

“I felt and feel connected to this studio of artists through our shared language of clay, a language that they speak deftly, and with an expressiveness that delighted and inspired me.”

Matthew Day Residency Documentation
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Matthew undertook a two week residency at ACCOMPLICE in September 2018 working between Mayfair Gallery and the Darwin Botanical Garden.

Matthew Day is interested in the potential of choreography to imagine unorthodox relationships and propose new ways of being human. Utilizing a minimalist approach, Day works with duration and repetition, approaching the body as a site of infinite potential and choreography as a field of energetic intensity and exchange.

Queer blak project

Ben Graetz is a local Garrmalang/Darwin man and descendant of the Iwaidja and Malak Malak Clans. He undertook a residency with Tiwi Sista Girls - Shaun aka Shaniqua Kerinaiua and Crystal Love - which explored the lived experience of Indigenous LGBTIQA+ people, particularly those in remote NT communities.

In 2018 this project included filmed interviews, elder consultation, development of performances and community conversations, culminating in a week of events at Wurrumiyanga/Nguiu on Bathurst Island. Future projects in this initiative include: Queen Black Cabaret, Shaniqua The Show and remote NT engagement with LGBTIQA+ and their communities.

The Queer Blak Project will continue over coming years building on knowledge and ideas from the development year. Future projects include:


Ben Graetz will undertake initial creative developments for a new queer black cabaret working with Aboriginal Queer artists from across Australia to create a finished work for presentation in 20202


Shaun aka Shaniqua Kerinaiua will create a one-person show exploring the life and experiences of Shaun and Shaniqua. Shaun is committed to highlighting the stories of Aboriginal Queer people living in remote Australia.



We will continue to develop programs that support, engage and respond to the needs of LGBTIQA+ remote Indigenous people. Through programs that specifically for and with LGBTIQA+ people while also working the broader community to build understanding and resilience.