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Sweat season Collective

Sweat Season carves out space for the creation of enmeshed experiences specific to the local place, environment and people of Garrmalang/Darwin


In Honduras there is a celebration that marks the day every year when the sky rains fish. In Phnom Phenn the city sprays itself in water as the river annually changes direction. In Darwin a city slows impossibly down as the crime rate rises, the white tourists flee, and jackfruit and mango start fermenting as the ocean turns venomous. 

Sweat Season is a new annual celebration of an ancient shift, the Build Up; three months of sweaty, tense, revelatory weather culminating in the Wet Season, three months of downpours. 14 Darwin artists, utilising and investigating new ways of being and creating alongside each other in the environmental, cultural, and community melting pot of Darwin, will create new participatory, experimental, durational, cross artform and site specific works that celebrate and interrogate the rituals of the Build Up - new, old, and impossible. 


Sweat collective artists

  • Matthew Van Roden

  • James Mangohig

  • Gary Lang

  • Jenelle Saunders

  • Shaun Lee

  • Tamara Howie

  • Haneen Martin

  • Tarzan Mcdonald

  • Ciella Williams

  • Alicia Scobie

  • Jessica Devereux 

  • Amina McConvell

  • Lee Harrop

  • Kelly Beneforti

  • Tony Lee

Sweat Season celebrates multiplicity of our city.

Diverse intersectional practices that span multiple artforms.

The space between artistic expression and multicultural celebrations.

Images - Left to right and top to bottom: Grevillea by Matthew Van Roden. Image of Haneen Martin. Beautiful Noise by Jess Devereux. Image of Jess Devereux. Work by Cj Fraser-Bell. Work by Shaun Lee. A Combinatorial Explosion by Amina McConvell. Kelly Beneforti in Landed by Tracks Dance Company. Image of James Mangohig. Kelly Benforti and Cj Fraser-Bell in Queer Territory. Work by Cj Fraser-Bell. Jenelle Saunders and Jess Devereux in Global Positioning by Tracks Dance Company. Tarzan Mcdonald at Octopus Story Studio by StoryProjects. Image of Gary Lang. A Selection from the series '36' at SHEILAS group exhibition by Alicia Scobie. Rock Star by Lee Harrop. Ciella Williams in You Dance Funny by Tracks Dance Company. Image of Matthew Van Roden. Image of Tamara Howie. Work by Tarzan McDonald as apart of ‘Asia in Darwin’ at Survive Garage in Jogjakarta.

Arafura Games Celebrations

Opening Celebration

The star-studded Arafura Opening Celebration includes a special Larrakia Welcome and showcases some of the Northern Territory’s greatest First Nation’s musicians, local artists, community and cultural groups. Closing the evening out with award-winning hip hop artist, the Fresh Prince of Arnhem Land, Baker Boy.


Larrakia Welcome
Larrakia community Elders, Adults and youth, David Kurnoth, Dotti Fejo, Eytahnyia Scott, Gary Lang, Kay Villaflor, Kenbi Dancers, Leah Flanagan, Liam Stansfield, Lorraine Williams, Lynette Fejo, North Wind Didj Orchestra, Mary Williams, Maureen Family, NT Dance Company, O’Laughlin Catholic College Choir (recorded), Patricia Kurnoth, Richard Fejo, Shaun Lee, Shellie Morris, Tibby Quall, Tony Lee, Trent Lee

Arafura Nations Showcase
Chung Wah Society Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe, Passion of the Pacific, Kribati Cultural Group, Kultura Dance Collective, Sri Lankan Multicultural Dance Academy, Tunas Mekar Balinese Cultural Collective, Loto Taha, Moale Dance Group of Papua New Guinea and NT Thai Association Inc

Let’s Celebrate
Baker Boy

Stage and Fencing Design – Kay Villaflor, Hair and Make Up - DMKM Beauty Studios, Fireworks – KC’s Fireworks Displays

NT Dance Company.jpg

Closing Celebrations

The Arafura Closing Celebrations is a distinctive tribute to the Arafura Sea and its people. The program platforms schools, local dance companies and some of the Northern Territory’s finest musicians, Shellie Morris, Leah Flanagan, Stevie Jean and Skinnyfish Sound System.


Lisa Pellegrino

Mother Arafura
Shellie Morris, Leah Flanagan, Stevie Jean, Djolpa McKenzie, Michael Tan, Kingsley Oldmeadow and the True Colours Choir

Parade of the Sea
Aly de Groot and the Groote Eylandt Weavers, and participating schools (Darwin Middle School, Nightcliff Primary School, Casuarina Senior College, St John’s Catholic College, Milner Primary, Marrara Christian College, Palmerston College)

We Are One
Rix Kix Arts, Express Studios, Darwin Gymnastics

Let the Party Begin!
Skinnyfish Sound System

Stage and Fencing Design – Kay Villaflor, Site Design (Sculptures) – facilitated by Aly de Groot and the Groote Eylandt Weavers, Wardrobe – Provenance with Injalak Arts Fabrics and Tina McCourt from Dance World, Hair and Make Up - DMKM Beauty Studios, Fireworks – KC’s Fireworks Displays

Rehearsal Images

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Northern Territory Travelling Film Festival

Capturing the stories, culture and landscape of our iconic region and the people that call it home.

ACCOMPLICE is the producer of the Northern Territory Travelling Film Festival (NTTFF) which celebrates and showcases the outstanding short film, television and video productions from the NT, capturing the stories, culture and landscape of our iconic region and the people that call it home. This project is delivered in partnership with Darwin Film Society.

In 2019, the festival will screen in 22 locations across the NT, providing opportunities for remote audiences to share in their communities’ stories and for tourism operators to showcase a film experience to national and international audiences that provided insight into our unique place, the Northern Territory.

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Creative Residencies

The ACCOMPLICE residency program undertakes a reflective, challenging and exploratory framework for artists, community and audience to come together to explore work in development.

Our residency program grew in 2018, with funding through Australia Council, into a program of local and visiting residencies researched and developed projects over two to three week periods. The program focuses on artists committed to regional engagement and exploration of the culture and landscape of the Top End.

As we look to 2019 we will continue to build depth into our established residency program and produced work by creating uniquely Garrmalang/Darwin opportunities to share research, development and outcomes with our audiences.


Residency program highlights and reviews


2019 Residency Artists

To be announced

2018 Residency Artists

Jamie Lewis, Sam Chablani, and Lia Pa’apa’a
(Singapore, Naarm/Melbourne and Cairns)

Weniki Hensch

Raju Rathi
(Pushkar, India)

Ben Graetz and Shaun Kerinaiua
(Garrmalang/Darwin and Tiwi Islands)

Matthew Day
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Holly Macdonald
(Naarm/Melbourne) - Transitory Residency in partnership with Watch this Space and Katherine Regional Arts

2017 Residency Artists

Holly Macdonald

Anna Van Stralen

Leah Shelton

Nick Power and Erak Mith
(Gadigal/Sydney and Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Jamie Lewis
(Singapore and Naarm/Melbourne)

Circa Contemporary Circus
(Meanjin/Brisbane) - Transitory Residency in partnership with Tangentyere Council and Katherine Regional Arts

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Tropical Kitchen

Tropical Kitchen is presented annually and is focused on building and connecting with community through a love of stories, food and cooking. Darwin’s food market game is strong and provides locals and visitors alike with a slice of Southeast Asian food and ambience. Tropical Kitchen draws on these sites, people, smells and stories to build community programming that uniquely creates an intersection between art, food and the environment. With an aim to bring communities together to discuss, shape and build the future of Garrmalang/Darwin’s community cohesiveness and environmental awareness.

2018 Tropical Kitchen

In 2018 a ten-day curated Tropical Kitchen program of events during Darwin Fringe Festival. The program included two residencies with food artists Sam Chablani and Lia Pa’apa’a, presentation of internationally renowned performance work Wank Bank Masterclass by Adam Seymour, international premiere of durational reading of social commentary work Cup of Nun Chai by Alana Hunt plus a program of workshops and talks in partnership with Charles Darwin Universities Science at Sunset program. This event transported Garrmalang/Darwin locals into a casual world of food, drinks and culture throughout the fringe. Creating an ephemeral space for the growing culture and thinking around food and place.

In 2018 a ten-day curated Tropical Kitchen program of events during Darwin Fringe Festival. The program included two residencies with food artists Sam Chablani and Lia Pa’apa’a, presentation of internationally renowned performance work Wank Bank Masterclass by Adam Seymour, international premiere of durational reading of social commentary work Cup of Nun Chai by Alana Hunt plus a program of workshops and talks in partnership with Charles Darwin Universities Science at Sunset program. This event transported Garrmalang/Darwin locals into a casual world of food, drinks and culture throughout the fringe. Creating an ephemeral space for the growing culture and thinking around food and place.

2017 Tropical Kitchen

In 2017 a program of dinners, workshops and audio tours were created in order to explore the rich tapestry of Darwin locals histories and their love of food. Aiming to create new relationships, seed new ideas and provide a reminder of our capacity and strength as individuals when we work together. Facilitated by Singaporean artist Jamie Lewis

This program engaged the home cook, the foodie or the story aficionado, this hands-on program took participants on a journey through tropical flavours. Drawing on eclectic Asian styles, spicy sambal condiments, local fresh seafood and unknown Asian vegetables we find at the markets!

In 2017 an audio tour - 婆婆 (Por-Por) and me was created and available for anyone visiting the Parap markets in Garrmalang/Darwin.

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Between Tiny Cities រវាងទីក្រុងតូច

Take the raw, wild energy of a b*by battle, add skilful contemporary choreography and improvisation expertly performed by dancers from two different worlds, throw in a good dose of humour and you get Between Tiny Cities រវាងទីក្រុងតូច.

This project is the result of a four-year dance exchange run by Darwin-based ACCOMPLICE. The exchange, between Darwin’s D*City Rockers and Cambodia’s Tiny Toones youth program, has seen the two crews travelling, training, battling and performing together across both countries.

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Finding North Transitory Residency - Off the Leash
Photo 10-4-18, 9 47 31 am.jpg

Holly reflected on her Residency in Off the Leash magazine

“I felt and feel connected to this studio of artists through our shared language of clay, a language that they speak deftly, and with an expressiveness that delighted and inspired me.”

#noburnnotaste Residency Audio Introduction

Chef Sam -- an outspoken, gregarious, tattooed livewire -- is the BBQ dude, blasting kickass flavours into meats, fish, and vegetables seasoned with Asian spices and chillis. He cooks by fire over charcoal; his portions #Pigout; his motto #SpiceisNaise; his war cry #NoBurnNoTaste.

^ Chef Sam on his love of cooking and his ACCOMPLICE residency

PastGeorgia Beach
Plant Based Native

Lia’s practice explores her cultural connections, learnings and nourishment as a Woman of Colour and mother living as diaspora in Australia. Lia’s cooking, hosting and sharing in deeply rooted in her desire to provide everyday solutions that support the wellbeing of her people.

My experience at ACCOMPLICE allowed me to share my emerging practice in a safe and nurtured way. I loved that I could include my family in the process and share the tastes of my ancestors with the Darwin community.
— Lia Pa’apa’a
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Tropical Kitchen - Parap and Rapid Creek Markets

ACCOMPLICE in 2017 commissioned Singaporean artist Jamie Lewis, our June artist in residence, to create a body of work under the annual program Tropical Kitchen.

audio Block
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Jamie creates and performs works using the making and eating of food as a catalyst for storytelling. Given Darwin’s love of eating together and enjoying a yarn, collaborating with Jamie was a match made in heaven. She created a series of workshops and community dinners, before developing a program of market tour lunches and indulgent dinners, as part of Darwin Festival. The work invited people to become lost in the stories the food conjured, while also significantly shifting the role of artist and audience, into collaborators.

PastGeorgia Beach
Matthew Day Residency Documentation
Photo 3-9-18, 12 55 36 pm.jpg

Matthew undertook a two week residency at ACCOMPLICE in September 2018 working between Mayfair Gallery and the Darwin Botanical Garden.

Matthew Day is interested in the potential of choreography to imagine unorthodox relationships and propose new ways of being human. Utilizing a minimalist approach, Day works with duration and repetition, approaching the body as a site of infinite potential and choreography as a field of energetic intensity and exchange.

Children’s Program

ACCOMPLICE develops distinctive programs of activities and ongoing projects for and by children and young people. Committed to harnessing and nurturing the creativity of young minds ACCOMPLICE has a yearly program of workshops, programs and touring projects that are specifically tailored to the Northern Territory's next generation.

In 2019 we are planning a program that celebrates the imagination of young people and the unique outdoor spaces that make up our tropical home in Garramalang/Darwin. A program of residencies will culminate in a program of activities in the October school holidays.

Nona & Me (online).jpg

Nona and Me

In 2017 we began the development of a performance work based on award winning young adults book Nona and Me by Clare Atkins.

Nona and Me is set in Yirrkala and is about Nona, an Aboriginal teenager and her childhood friend Rosa, a non Aboriginal teenager growing up with the political backdrop of the intervention, and the personal backdrop of coming of age across two cultures.

This project was grown out of a desire to produce and tour work uniquely created for Northern Territory remote venues and audiences, particular young people. ACCOMPLICE seeks to create high quality work for NT young people that speaks to them, and reflects back their stories, while at the same time creating a magical theatrical experience that develop their relationship with art.

A development will be undertaken in Yirrkala in July 2019 and than a work in progress showing in Garrmalang/Darwin in October 2019. Final developments and rehearsals will be undertaken in 2020, followed by a remote NT tour.

Write Now

Hosted by a local writer in a lounge room setting, Write Now is a laid-back get-together where you can work on whatever you like and be inspired by the constant tap of productive fingers and minds. You won’t be asked to share your writing (you can do that at Wild Words!) but you will get to share in a delicious afternoon tea and the buzz of writing together.

Come write with a bunch of folk who are writing stuff. Anything. Everything. Everyone.

Held on the first Saturday of every month, 2 – 4pm @ ACCOMPLICE
Cost: $5 on arrival

Presented by ACCOMPLICE in partnership with StoryProjects

Join our Facebook group to keep update with get togethers and writing opportunities.

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Queer blak project

Ben Graetz is a local Garrmalang/Darwin man and descendant of the Iwaidja and Malak Malak Clans. He undertook a residency with Tiwi Sista Girls - Shaun aka Shaniqua Kerinaiua and Crystal Love - which explored the lived experience of Indigenous LGBTIQA+ people, particularly those in remote NT communities.

In 2018 this project included filmed interviews, elder consultation, development of performances and community conversations, culminating in a week of events at Wurrumiyanga/Nguiu on Bathurst Island. Future projects in this initiative include: Queen Black Cabaret, Shaniqua The Show and remote NT engagement with LGBTIQA+ and their communities.

The Queer Blak Project will continue over coming years building on knowledge and ideas from the development year. Future projects include:


Ben Graetz will undertake initial creative developments for a new queer black cabaret working with Aboriginal Queer artists from across Australia to create a finished work for presentation in 20202


Shaun aka Shaniqua Kerinaiua will create a one-person show exploring the life and experiences of Shaun and Shaniqua. Shaun is committed to highlighting the stories of Aboriginal Queer people living in remote Australia.



We will continue to develop programs that support, engage and respond to the needs of LGBTIQA+ remote Indigenous people. Through programs that specifically for and with LGBTIQA+ people while also working the broader community to build understanding and resilience.

Darwin Fringe 2019

Entertaining, revealing, naughty shows in our intimate CBD shopfront.

ACCOMPLICE had a quirky performance space at 3/90 Woods st, Darwin City with three not-to-be-missed shows and a full bar.
plus, we’re walking distance from the Fringe hubs at Browns Mart and Mayfair!


The Measure of a Man
- Gavin Roach

July 6-9, 8:00pm

How do you measure a man? Is it the way he walks, the way he talks? The critically-acclaimed Gavin Roach makes his Darwin debut with his one man show, The Measure of a Man.

Told in Roach’s trademark humorous, raw and deeply candid style, The Measure of a Man will stare into the heart of one man‘s sexual anxieties and pull out the kinds of stories much LGBTI theatre shies away from — stories often shrouded in embarrassment or shame.

A perfect balance of comedy and drama – from light-hearted and uproariously funny moments to gut-wrenching, dark moments that expose the scars and open wounds that still remain, hidden underneath the glitter.

The Measure of a Man is unmissable – if there is a show that will enchant, enlighten and exhilarate in equal measure, this is it!

15+ Adult themes and language


Pussy Play Masterclass
- Strawberry Siren

July 11-13, 7:30pm

Ever made a pussy out of plasticine? Now is the time to get up close and personal with our vulvas and the crowds are hungry for it.

Burlesque legend Strawberry Siren presents a gift that keeps on giving in Pussy Play, an interactive and playful masterclass filled with original techniques to perfect the art of playing with your partner’s pussy or even your own.

Perfect night for singles, couples and parties.

Nominated for Best Comedy Show at FRINGE WORLD Festival 2018 Weekly Winner and Nominated B
est Interactive Show Adelaide Fringe 2017
“Mandatory viewing” ★★★★ Ed Fest Mag, 2017.
“A gift that keeps on giving” – ★★★★ ½ Great Scott!

18+, Adult content and language


Wank Bank Masterclass
- Rural Ranga

July 11-13, 8:45pm

Back at ACCOMPLICE by popular demand after selling out 2018 Fringe!

The Australian artist who created an art book from his happy ending massages in New York City brings you an informative, interactive and playful masterclass of original techniques to perfect the art of handling your partner’s member (or even your own). Enjoy waves of adolescent laughter and be prepared to end up in a hilarious circle jerk with carrots and cucumbers.

Nominated Best Production Green Room Awards 2018
Winner of Best Interactive Show Adelaide Fringe 2017
Winner of Most Provocative Show Stockholm Fringe 2017
“A natural performer, charming and very funny” The Guardian, 2016
“Stimulating and possibly life-changing show” ★★★★★ Broadway Baby, 2016

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